Ishqbaaz 25th august 2017 written update

Ishqbaaz 25th august 2017 written update episodes. Ishqbaaz 25th august 2017 written episode.

Ishqbaaz 25th august 2017 written update

Ishqbaaz 25th august 2017 starts with Shivaay gets anika back and asks her to tell him all of the truth without any hesitation. Some times earlier…. Vikram tells anika that theyre getting married, she tells him that she doesn’t like such cheap jokes, Ragini comes in and Anika understands that its all their plan.

Meanwhile Rudra, Om, Shivaay, Bhavya and Gauri disguise themselves as band members. They star playing the drums, when Vikram asks them to stop they don’t and start dancing. Anika realizes its shivaayu when he reveals his eyes to her. shivay later starts punching Vikram and all of them hit him one by one. Gauri and Bhavya tie Ragini up and click selfies with her for fun. Shivaay unties Anikas ropes and gets angry when she tells him that Vikram broke her phone.

Ishqbaaz 25th august 2017 written episode

Anika gets angry at shivaay because ne doesn’t leave the ring, he believes that he had kept ti there. Bhavya comes there and tells them that she found the ring with Vikram. Shivaay tells her to throw the ring coz hell make a new one for them. He tells her that no one else can tolerate her except him. He picks her up to take her home. Rudra jokes about how dadi will be disappointed because no marriage in the house is celebrated normally.

Shivaay gets her home bridal style and takes her to the room to ask him about the truth shes been hiding for so long. Anika tells him to forget that topic for her sake, he says for her sake he will never asks her again about the truth. When anika leaves he tells himself that hell know the truth but not from her. pinky tells Anika that she will not lose and she will tell Shivaay the trth abouth his birth, Anika stops her and Shivaay comes in and ask what will she not tell him. Pinky makes an excuse sayingthat the media is asking about Anika and Vikrams marriage so nika was stopping her from telling him about it. Shivaay remembers a part of the time when anika and him were drunk and she had told him the truth when he hears the same song they had danced on. Shivaay tries to recall what she had told him and remember her telling him she doesn’t care for who he is. He says that he’ll have to become SSO to remove the truth out of them. Meanwhile, Swetlana shows Tej a video where a lady finds an ancklet which can work as a proof to send Tej and Jhanvi to jail. Tej threatens to kill her, she tells her that even if he kills her the evidence will be found by the police. Jhanvi goes inside to check on Tej when he doesn’t come out for a long time. She cant find him. Vikram blames Ragini for their plan failure and she blames him. Ragini tells hi mthat they can still do something about it but Vikram oaths to stay out of it and calls her mental. He syas they’ve lost, but she says that she never loses. Jhavni is afraid when she cant find Tej and starts looking for her. she is informed that tej is spotted at a Dhaba. She goes there and sees that Tej is a completely different man like a doppelganger. Vikram stops Ragini from committing suicide. She tells him that she wants Shivaay by hook or by crook and he has to help her. tej acts very differently and calls himself Peter d’souza. He asks for her order, she tells her to stop this nonsense and  asks where he was. He tells her that his name is not tej. Ragini and Vikram come to Anikas chawl to meet her bua. Ragini goes to her and offers her money to talk to her. jhanvi sees that Peteraa wife looks exactly like Swetlana as a south indian. Jhanvi is shocked.

Precap: Anika asks Shivaay whats wrong with him, he tells her that he knows the truth. She asks which truth he tells her that he knows the truth and that’s why she left him. He just tells her what he had recalled so that he can get the rest of the trth out of her.

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