LEAKED! Jennifer Winget Hot Scene From Adhura Alvida With Sehban Azim’s Online Leaked

LEAKED: Jennifer Winget’s hot intimate scene from upcoming show Adhura Alvida gets leaked!

New Delhi: Colors TV is ready to telecast its new show ‘Adhura Alvida’ this October starring Jennifer Winget, Harshad Chopra and Sehban Azim.

The adhura alvida promo gives a glimpse of what the show will be. Jennifer and Harshad are seen in a rain sequence parting ways. This looks like an emotional love story drama as depicted by the name of the show.

Well, these pictures have left us even more confused about its storyline because Jennifer looks to be in love with both the guys, and we are not sure who is her true love or is she double dating them both. But it is being speculated that the ‘Adhura Alvida’ is based on popular Bollywood film Kati Patang’s story!

But there is more to it than meets the eye! Now a picture has been leaked from the set, in which Jennifer and Sehban Azim are seen getting cozy with each other. Well, the leaked picture gives a hint of love sequel between them. Their sizzling chemistry onscreen is definitely going to grab attention of a large audience.

Have a look on how they have made people stuck on their looks and charm-

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